Raven hair, and bright red cloak
girl skips down the path.
Remember what i said dear,
its almost getting dark.
You dont want to stray dear
the wolves are out tonight.
Listen to what i say dear,
mummy is always right.


His gold hair so tempting,
Same gold as his eyes.
Dark seductive wolf.

Raven hair, Red cloak
how it fills him with desire.
He must have this one.

Off the Path

i join the golden wolf,
theres something in his eyes.
Golden flames of danger,
All ive been denied.
His mystery so tempting
My heart begins to race.
Forget being a good girl,
I'm lead astray by his beautiful face.


What big hands, big eyes. So Big!
'all the better to pleasure, my dear'
heswallowed me up swallowed me whole
even in the dark dangerous pit,
i want him i need him
i revel in his dark seductive lies.
Then, the darkness is sliced,
i see red then light
wrenched from the darkness
i am nolonger girl, i am she-wolf
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