okay! Realy starting the reasearch this week, i started getting into all the meanings and such of the original story. which got me talking to every and everyone about little red and her many different interpretations, was it a litteral story meant as a warning against wolves, or one huge metaphore for a girls jouney to adult hood? the advantages of older sibling means they share their knowledge, which led me to the ABC site Re-enchantment, all about the origins of beloved childrens stories. this is the site that led me to what i am calling the 'original' story. This week also lead me to analyse my adaption of the poem, the brother's Grim version of 'little red riding hood' which is probably the most commonly known, and it definitely reflects the more chauvanistic tendencies of their era, showing little red as unintelegent and easily led astrayby the wolf. and ofcourse theirs the man who saves the day, the woodcutter.

websites i used this week:

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